Legal language is not just a specialist language in the conventional sense of the word. In comparison with other specialist languages, legal language exhibits a series of special features that significantly sets it apart from the specialist languages in the fields of technology or science. Legal language is characterised by its high level of abstraction and close connection to everyday language. This means that a specialist legal translator not only needs to have a perfect command of the language in question, but must also have an extremely high level of specialist legal knowledge. The wording in this type of text is very precise and cannot display any ambiguity. Incorrect translations may lead to confusions, contract violations and additional expenses. 

Contracts: Sales contracts, employment contracts, cooperation agreements, supply contracts, etc. We are also happy to provide you with our interpreter services in this field and to accompany you to meetings with solicitors.

Certificates and certifications: All kinds of certification, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas/degree certificates, personal data, vehicle registration documents, etc.

General terms and conditions, patent law, authorisations and business correspondence