Due to the straightforward travel conditions in Europe and peoples’ greater willingness to maintain their health, the concept of ‘patient tourism’ is becoming increasingly significant. The efforts made by individual clinics and hospitals to contact patients worldwide by advertising with brochures and specialist pamphlets are also increasing more and more. It is essential that medical translations are produced correctly and with a great deal of care because just one incorrectly translated term could have dire consequences. We therefore pay great attention to the qualifications of our medical translators, which enables us to guarantee perfect high-quality translations in this field.

Lingua Office can provide you with translations in the following areas:

Medical findings and records: General medicine, oncology, radiology, urology and gynaecology

Medical information: Brochures, patient information and hospital information

Medical technology: Equipment, hospital information systems and medical statistics

Pharmaceuticals: Package inserts for medicines, leaflets, studies and specifications

The beauty industry/cosmetics: Cosmetics and toiletries