Our Profession

Translators and interpreters convert texts (written or spoken) from a source language into a target language.

Translators who specialise in specific areas of expertise such as information technology, technology, medicine, etc., are known as specialist translators. The majority of functional texts that customers want to have translated involve specialist translations. Specialist translators need to always be up to date in terms of terminology and content in order to be able to produce particularly high-quality translations that are of an impressive standard.

Certified translators, who produce translations of official documents such as contracts or certificates and certify the correctness of the translation, also belong to the group of specialist translators. Translations that have been marked with an attestation and the translator’s stamp are called certified translations.

Other translators specialise in the localisation of software. This means that they not only translate software, but also adapt it to suit the country-specific standards of the target language. Localisation is particularly important for companies that want to offer their software in new markets.

Literary translators focus on translations of novels, poems, non-fiction books or magazines. One of the most important requirements for the translation of literary texts is to have a fine sense for the language and culture of the respective country of origin.

Translators who work on the creation of monolingual or multilingual terminology databases also play an important role. A terminology database contains all of the important vocabulary from one specific area of expertise, for example medicine or law.

A good translation not only stands out due to the speed at which it was completed, but also due to its accuracy. Having an excellent command of the foreign languages in question is not enough for a translator. Skilled translators also need to have a particularly good knowledge of the culture, history and communication structures of the country and be able to translate a text so that it is ideally suited to the target audience.