Globalisation is causing the need for specialist information to constantly increase, above all in the fields of technology and science. As a result, the scope of available occupational and specialist documentation is becoming larger. Being able to deal with specialist texts and produce competent translations of such documents should therefore belong to the basic qualifications of a specialist translator. Technical texts such as complex scientific papers always need to be accurately converted into the target language using the correct terminology. This is why our specialist translators strive to always keep up to date with the latest developments in their respective technical or scientific areas of expertise.

The translation agency Lingua Office can provide you with translations in the following areas:

Plant engineering: Process engineering, energy technology, supply engineering, production engineering, mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology

Electronics: Power electronics, digital technology, microelectronics and analogue electronics

Science: Technical texts from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology

Architecture und construction: Building contracts, construction specifications and project and real estate descriptions